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Patrick Rowley

Patrick Rowley - Senior Orthotist


Senior Orthotist with over 20 years of experience in the orthotic assessment of the human biomechanical structure.

Qualified at Paddington College London in 1989 and a member of the Health Professionals Council (HPC) membership number PO00258.

Specialising in adult foot orthotics and have practiced across the country in both private and NHS clinics



During my time as a qualified Orthotist I have helped improve the lives of many different people. These people have had problems with aches, pains or simply couldn't enjoy an active lifestyle. The orthotic devices I prescibed helped to relieve these symptoms and improve their quality of life.

I have treated clients of all age groups and abilities to improve the quality of their daily lives;

  • Professional atheletes including senior players of the Norwich City Football Club.
  • Those wishing to enjoy leisure such as walking and running.
  • People struggling with daily activities due to pain or disability.
  • I am keen to work, where appropriate with fellow professionals i.e. Orthapaedic Consultants, Doctors Physiotherapists and Chiropodist/Podiatrist to help ensure the most effective outcome of treatment and I am also happy to recieve referrals from clients directly.

    To book an appointment or to make any futher enquiries please refer to the contact page