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Orthotics Insoles (Functional Foot Orthotics)

The foot is made up of 26 bones and 28 joints, which make up a complex dynamic structure. Our feet are capable of absorbing and releasing energy to make walking and running as efficient as possible.

When a failure in the foot occurs either through injury or a disease process problems can occur. Even small failures in a joint can have wide spread effects. This is because no joint works in isolation but creates altered biomechanical forces on near and far joints. In other words a small foot problem can cause ankle, knee, hip or even back pain.

Functional foot orthotics are specialised insoles custom made to specifically address structural or postural anomalies of the foot to ensure maximum efficiency. The F.F.O must be designed not just to compliment the function of the foot but in consideration to the entire biomechanical structure of the human frame.
With this in mind an assessment of the whole body is made in standing, walking and if necessary running to ensure the correct prescription and thus the appropriate devices are made.