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Patrick Rowley

Do you suffer from needless pain?

Many people will suffer from pain during their day to day business, most people would just ignore this pain thinking theres nothing that can be done about it. Well functional Foot Orthotics (F.F.O) are speacialist orthotic insoles that can correct your posture and reduce the pain that these people endure.

Functional Foot Orthotics

Some problems can be solved by using Functional Foot Orthoses such as, foot pain, back pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and leg pain. The device used to help these problems, when correctly prescibed can maximise the function of the foot, providing pain relief, comfort and improving levels of activity.

“The insoles I was provided with gave me the comfort and stability that I was looking for, I am now able to do many of the things I couldn't do due to my limited activity, thanks”

Helen Verity

Ankle Foot Orthoses

Made to measure from plaster casts to precise prescriptions. Patrick has an extrensive knowledge of orthotic treatments with the use...

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